Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont of Meadowlark


Meadowlark is an emotive jewellery brand that was a classic at creation. Taking its name from a line of Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary, Meadowlark is a cultured brand that is decadent, dark and unique. Its creators are husband and wife duo Greg Fromont and Claire Hammon, who come from a skateboarding and design background respectively. Their handcrafted jewellery began eight years ago. Over time, Meadowlark has developed its own aesthetic that delves deeper into the dark whilst being modeled on bright and pure metals. A highlight for Meadowlark is having their brand grow into something the founders and the whole team can be truly proud of. There are little highlights all along the way and these often involve a celebrity wearing their jewellery. To name a few, Rihanna, Florence Welch, Bat For Lashes and Lorde have all been snapped wearing Meadowlark. Each piece of Meadowlark’s collection is created with meticulous care, some with precious stones, and all skillfully set. Claire really loves big bold pieces and diamonds in jewellery. In their upcoming collection Meadowlark is starting to bridge the gap between costume jewellery and high-end jewellery. With stunning attention to detail and all encompassing design we don’t doubt that Meadowlark will nail it.

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