Megan King, Whitecliffe

Originally from Whangarei, Megan King comes from a family of makers. She learnt to sew from a young age and enjoyed spending her childhood in her mother’s sewing room. Once she hit intermediate, she started entering wearable art competitions and swiftly moved on to dressmaking. Studying at Whitecliffe was a natural progression for King, as she was impressed with their long list of successful graduates. 

Studying fashion and sustainability has opened King’s eyes to the change the fashion industry needs.

“We have lost all connection to planet and people through our clothing, and we don’t even know what we are buying. I believe that high-quality, well-made clothing should be more appreciated and understood by everyone,” expressed King. 

King aims to communicate this message through her handcrafted collections. 

“I have a love for creating beautifully made clothes with attention to finishings, the little details such as shell buttons, loops or piping can elevate a garment and make it unique.”

King’s graduate collection, ‘Ecology’ aims to connect people back to nature and give back to plant life. The collection explores the circular cycle of growth, regeneration, and adaptation that plant life lives by. It focuses on the circular interconnected cycle of growth that the plants illustrate and how it can be applied to human lifestyles and clothing, whilst changing the current unsustainable fashion industry. 

‘Ecology’ is designed to be circular and closed loop. For King, this meant more than just not impacting the natural world negatively. She wanted her collection to aid growth and regeneration in plant life through making a fully compostable collection. It gives back to nature using an indigenous mindset of humans being one with land and nature. 

To create a fully compostable collection, King had her fabrics naturally dyed with madder root, indigo and weld, as well as using fully natural fabrics and finishings. This meant King had to stay away from convention trims and fastenings like zips. Her techniques included French seams, binding, and lining.

After King’s graduation, she plans to expand on her ‘Ecology’ collection with more classic and wearable pieces. 

“I think sustainable, ethical and well-made fashion should be far more accessible. I want to achieve this through my future lines making beautiful clothes is my passion, I wish to share my designs and skills with people who will cherish and love my clothes as much as I do.”

Photography by Gab Stoddard.

With thanks to Vanity Walk Models, Red Eleven Model Management and Bintang Models and Management.