MEIKE VAN ROIJ at 62 Models

Photographer credit: Amazir Aknine

When scouted at the tender age of 12, Meike Van Roij was not interested. Three years later, she changed her mind, and 62 Models signed her immediately.

A year later, Van Roij is still at school but is planning international modelling and travel, which she wants to give her all. “I would love to do some more magazine print work in the future. A dream would be to walk in a Dior show, they always look so magical,” said Van Roij. Her Dutch roots mean she still calls Europe home and would love to head back to work in the European modelling industry and experience different designers. Van Roij is also interested in activism through modelling; “I think the largest goal for me is to have a platform or be in spokesperson role in which I can spend my time working for a cause that I stand behind completely,” Van Roij added.

University is on the horizon - possibly with a conjoint degree in medicine and literature - but not until after Van Roij has finished focussing on modelling. “I want to raise awareness for those without access to health care.”