By now, we're all aware that Millennials, the economic powerhouse du jour, like 'experiences'. Retailers looking to strengthen their bricks-and-mortar offerings can capitalise on this by creating Instagram-friendly experiences which will attract their target audience and increase both foot-traffic and revenues.

Let's look at a few examples; the Museum of Ice Cream was a classic. With bright colours and over the top installations, the public was attracted in droves with smartphones in hand to capture their visit and share on social media. The pop up spawned over 55,000 hashtags across social media platforms and had lines around the block. More recently, The ColorFactory in San Francisco houses 15 original, interactive artworks, which are large-scale and rigged to cameras which send pictures straight to visitors' email. A more traditional iteration of this is the pink walls of Paul Smith's Los Angeles store - a must-visit for any fashion girl wanting solid content for the 'gram.

While these spaces revolve more squarely around the artworks involved, they are concepts which can easily be adopted by retailers looking to update their brick-and-mortar presence with business model innovations. Providing a drawing card will incentivise consumers to visit stores, and Instagram-friendly spaces will increase online exposure. This approach blends social media strategy and traditional retail spaces, which can often seem worlds apart. A floor-to-ceiling feature wall is a great starting point, perhaps leave the ball pit to the art installations.