Maja Akraberg does everything at Minimalisma. She’s the owner, the creative, and the CEO of the small, Nordic clothing company. Akraberg’s husband joined the company earlier this year, making it a family business – appropriate, given it was the birth of the couple’s first child that sparked a journey and, ultimately, Minimalisma.

Akraberg worked for over a decade in the Danish fashion industry, but moved to Switzerland after having her first child. It was there she finally realised her dream of launching Minimalisma, and the first collection was born in May of 2012.

“I bring my drawing book with me everywhere and get my best ideas while travelling,” said Akraberg, who is inspired by her home – the Faroe Islands. The clothing reflects this, with the 2018 Spring/Summer collection inspired by the wildflowers and blurred seas and skies of Faroese sceneries.

Something important to Akraberg is that children like the garments as much as their parents. “My children and their friends are my most valued critics,” she said. “I helped dress a 6-year-old girl and she kept telling me and her mother how she loved what she was wearing. It was so sweet, and made me feel so proud and happy about my work.”

The natural materials used set the range apart. “We use no regenerated qualities such as viscose or bamboo,” said Akraberg. “I do all quality control of our production myself.” One of the first styles she made was the Bieber/Arona legging, a response to the missing availability of soft-waisted leggings. “It’s so important to keep the waistline soft and the waist cut high to that all organs are properly covered and warm, she explained.

From the next collection (SS19), all Minimalisma’s styles will be available up to size 10-12. The high quality organic garments are popular worldwide, although it has so far been limited to physical sales. A website is coming, but for now New Zealand-based customers can look for Minimalisma in SoBeauBaby. Any retailers looking to stock the product can contact