Founded in 1995 after owner Peter Dawson saw a significant growth within the digital printing technology sector, The Colourbox is really a one-stop shop for all businesses. Dawson saw a gap in the market for a specialist and innovative large format printing business that could consistently bring emerging and niche technologies to the retail and fashion sectors. Known as the ‘go-to’ guys for printing, the company is capable of anything from parachutes to high fashion services. “Developing great relationships with clients and creating business solutions through innovation” is what Dawson believes to be behind the success of his company.
“As large format technology grew in popularity and inkjet business started popping up everywhere we went looking for our next point of difference to keep us ahead of the pack. Emerging trends from Europe convinced us that there was a big future in the custom printing of fabric.” Colourbox works with Charles Parsons to create unique fabric for designers and is one of the few companies left that designers can rely on for dye-sublimation printing services. “Our fashion clients and exhibition clients have found a real need for a large format printing company that can successfully utilise the benefits of transferring graphic images into textiles”. The benefits of short run dye-sublimation printing on to fabric are immediately apparent upon viewing with robustness, vivid colours and the beautiful tactile nature of a wide range of textiles being available.
“Our experience in printing on to fabric together with our willingness and desire to work with you on your business has set us up as the perfect partner for the fashion industry.”

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