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Myer chief Bernie Brookes would ideally like the Myer staff to be paid according to what they sell, rather than the rates set down in their workplace agreement. Calling for a more “laissez faire” industrial relations environment, in Brookes opinion, would help the department store lift its customer service and sales.

Replicating that of the US retailers like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, both are well known for their customer service, workers at the stores would receive a base pay plus a percentage of sales, which provides the incentive to sell more, however impossible under Australian workplace laws.

MYER Spring Summer 2013 Launch

“In a laissez faire environment we would like the opportunity to negotiate with our store team to be able to provide them with additional benefits,” said Brookes.

“We are not advocating any reduction in wages at all. We are confident that to attract the right quality people we’d pay them a higher rate of pay.”

Despite Brookes wishes, this looks to be a concept that will not come to fruition for the company any time soon with the Abbot government ruling out changes to workplace legislation during its first term.

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