Abby Jones’ natural beauty line began in 2016 with two small perfumes designed to ease her mother’s health. Since then Neat has expanded into a range of ten exceptional products, all funky and fresh so keeping your routine no-fuss can be fun.

The range includes a popular almond and jojoba shaving oil, a magnesium-based sports recovery spray, and a line of odourless nail polishes. It’s clear that every product is designed by Jones in response to a very particular problem, as she delights in creating the perfect solution; there’s nothing that brings her more joy than hearing from a satisfied customer.

Every ingredient Neat uses has a function. If it doesn’t do anything, it’s not going in the bottle. Every drop of product is intentional. That’s why the line is called Neat: like a good whiskey, nothing is added to water it down or reduce the purity. It’s also neat as in tidy – straightforward and transparent.

Jones knows her brand is more than a flash-in-the-pan hot product. Consumers are increasingly investing in beauty products that improve their health instead of just masking it. Neat knows that value may be important, but so are values. That’s why their high-integrity range is cruelty-free and sustainable as well as being affordable. Jones believes there doesn’t have to be a high price to pay for quality and good conscience; people can have the best of both worlds.

Jones’ 100 percent natural products are all developed, distributed, and used by the founder herself, and are all reasonably priced so that no-one misses out on unadulterated beauty. The range is constantly expanding: there’s an ever-changing array of perfumes and Jones is always on the lookout for a gap in the natural beauty market.

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