"From puppyhood to today", this book chronicles his life thus far and cements his place in fashion. This particular book is not only the next must-have coffee table book, but a disguised "love letter" in over 200 pages from Marc Jacobs to his favourite pup. "A thank-you note and love letter to my beautiful Neville, who with every glance from those expressive little triangular eyes, every humanlike cuddly embrace, every spontaneous outburst of clownish silliness that makes me smile and laugh, calms me like nothing or no one ever has—and who fills my heart with the greatest happiness and joy, forever reminding me that pure goodness and true love really exist," Jacobs explained. The Insta-famous canine proves no other is as stylish as he with over 190,000 followers. His day-to-day includes hanging out on set or at fittings with models and other celebrities.  The book is written by Nicolas Newbold and features a foreword by Marc Jacobs. Newbold is also Neville's photographer and studio manager.

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dreaming of paradise...

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