Based in Auckland, Rapid Fitness is a brand managed and designed by Kyle Robinson. Behind the brand is a team of fitness enthusiasts who felt the market was missing the next level up in fitness gear at an affordable price point.

“As we design the ranges and control the manufacturing process we are able to offer top quality fabrics at competitive retail prices,” said Robinson. “Once someone wears our gear they instantly love it and want more.”

Core values for the brand are quality, comfort and style that the team ensure every piece designed and made by Rapid Fitness has.

“We only use the very best material available, all our technical fabrics are developed in Taiwan. Thoroughly tested to meet our requirements within breathability, wickability and other performance features, which are required for the specific style.”

The team spend a lot of time on getting the fit right and are constantly improving where they can. A limited selection is covered in the ranges as the brand believe when customers find their favourite fit, it shouldn’t be changed season to season.

“Merging fashion, lifestyle and fitness is our aspiration. When you look good, you feel good.”

Rapid Fitness style and asethetic is a bit dark and gritty but with a definite street style.

For more information or to stock this brand contact Rapid Fitness on 09 441 6877 or visit