Nomsa Botshiwe of Nomsa Mabuto

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When Nomsa Botshiwe was a little girl she was constantly playing dress ups. What seemed like play was only an imitation of the future for Nomsa. She decided to become a fashion designer at the age of 15 and followed this up by launching her label, Nomsa Mabuto, earlier this year.

The fashion label mixes the vibrancy and boldness of African print to create contemporary clothing that is effortless, classy and edgy for today’s ever evolving woman who seeks to navigate the world with confidence and power. The fashion brand exists to dress women who are daring and fearless in their fashion choices, and definitely not afraid of boldness.Nomsa’s  inspiration comes from everywhere possible. As a designer, Nomsa believes she has to be open-minded and very aware because she is surrounded by inspiration.

What Nomsa likes most about fashion is that it is an easy and creative way of expressing a person's sense of style and personality. Fashion can be seen as a means of empowerment. Nomsa’s concept of empowerment is translated in her label through the use of bold prints and its name ‘Mabuto’, meaning ‘soldiers’. What Nomsa likes the least about fashion is that some people think that the less you wear or cover up the prettier or sexier you are, especially with our young people.

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