Nordson EFD introduces new technological development

Nordson EFD has released a new Machine Builder Guide and Dispense Valve Selection Guide designed to make it easier for custom automation providers to understand and select the right fluid dispensing systems. Nordson EFD are the world’s leading precision fluid dispensing systems manufacturer. Within Nordson’s new guides are testimonials and links to useful resources such as 3D and 2D CAD models of Nordson EFD valves, controllers, dispense tips, tanks, components, fittings, and more. Additionally, there are application examples with recommended dispense valves and controllers.

Claude Bergeron, product line manager of valves at Nordson EFD, said, “As products and solutions grow in complexity, machine builders face increasing demands to design custom automation systems that boost productivity and business agility while lowering cost of ownership for end-users.”

“We understand the challenges they face, and we provide a wide range of reliable dispensing systems along with 50 plus years of application expertise to help them meet those challenges.”