Number One Shoes

In a bid to shift the brand from being associated with large storage facilities, Number One Shoes dropped the word ‘warehouse’ from its name in 2010. Now, in order to continue moving forward the retail chain is in the process of revamping its stores to create an improved shopping experience for customers. The Westfield Albany store was first on the list and will be closely followed by St Luke’s store, both in Auckland.

The company has launched a series of quirky campaigns via its PR agency, Starseed.

“Earlier last month we launched the Albany store with people lining up at 6am,” said Starseed creative director, Karen Maurice O’Leary.

“This hype was created by announcing a public housewarming party. Shoppers were invited to come down, take off an old pair of shoes at the front door and walk in barefoot to choose a brand new pair of shoes for free.”

“A lot of design/interior work has created a completely transformed shoe shopping experience,” said O’Leary. “The new layout is made up of a series of ‘shoe zones’ catering to women, men, kids, teens, toddlers, brides and sports lovers.”

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