While the reinstated Lichfield International is only 18 months old, the support from the retailers has been really appreciated by the Alcock family. “I think it’s been a matter of us of thinking in straight lines and not letting our egos get in the way of reality,” said Geoff Alcock. “We well and truly know the lanes that each of our brands sit in and the price points around those.” Alcock also explained that the forward orders for Summer 2017 have been exceptional and if the retail sales of their product throughout winter are anything to go by, forward orders for winter should be very strong as well. The winter collection boasts warmth and performance by using forefront insulation technology. The LFD, vintage and Liberty fabric collections were bought well by many high-end retailers than ever before. “It has been a huge Vonnella season, where we found ourselves with no stock and every garment has been sold without any discounting,” he added. “And because it sells so well at retail, orders are easy for the retailers to hand out.” Ironcheater has broken through the testing stage and has flown out retailers’ doors. The corporate-wear shirt range is now fully stocked and ready to respond. Geoff added that having their son Mitch on board has also driven many new sales. “It is a must to have a youthful view point in any clothing business.”