New Zealand businesses have not been meeting customer's digital expectations, according to the 2017 New Zealand Digital Experience Report from SAP. The report judges industries individually and found that industries did differ by large amounts, as well as scoring individual companies which had a wide variety of scores. Notably, the banking industry was the best in terms of meeting customer expectations with digital offerings - with a digital experience score of +10. On the other end of the scale, the utility industry scored -11, and was the worst performing industry.  Hovering in the middle of the two were air travel, telecommunications and insurance. Top performing individual companies included Mighty Ape, ANZ Bank, AA Insurance and Netflix, who scored +35, +18, +21, and +17 respectively. Overall, these figures are stagnant, with the percentage of satisfied customers remaining constant and the percentage of dissatisfied customers only decreasing by 1%.

This data demonstrates how New Zealand businesses are falling behind in terms of simplicity of use, engagement and flexibility across platforms. In terms of international competitiveness, more digitally savvy international companies stand a greater chance at success when entering the New Zealand market and competing against underperforming New Zealand companies. The report also highlighted the importance of parallel digital channels - as businesses who interacted with consumers on multiple digital channels scored significantly higher than businesses whose interaction was limited to one digital channel.

Another interesting insight shed light on the live chat function that many e-commerce sites have been implementing in order to increase customer satisfaction. It appears that the live chat function had the adverse effect it intended, with companies utilising the function scoring lower than companies who did not use the function.