NZFM Young At Heart

Fifty years after Beatlemania swept through New Zealand in an epidemic of hysteria, New Zealand Fashion Museum presents a new pop-up exhibition that looks at 1960s youth fashion and its present day exponents. Elle and the Youthquake: The changing face of fashion opens in late September at The Nathan Club in Auckland.

New Zealand Fashion Museum is also proud to present their very first New Zealand Fashion Museum accessory, a silk habutai kerchief. It has been produced to honour the first anniversary of their online museum. Designed by Hilary Young, a textile designer and author/illustrator who is currently based in France, the kerchief has been digitally printed at AUT’s Textile and Design Lab. All profits from the sale of the kerchief will go towards the development of future pop-up exhibitions and the online collection. It is available from the NZFM online store.

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