NZFW17 Designer Showcase: MARFIYA TATLIK

Designer Marfiya Tatlik said owning an MT bag is the ultimate symbol of elegance and quality. “MT brand bags is made purely out of love. The love of life and the love of people,” she said. As a contemporary classic, the MT handbag is for the modern woman who seeks superb quality and subtle elegance. Each piece is crafted from top-quality genuine leather. They exhibit superb craftsmanship and dynamic details. “This makes our handbags timeless, head-turning fashion accessories that are also classic investment pieces.”

The product design team has an on and off team of five who have spent more than ten years of hard work on the brand. MT can be found in Wellington, online, and in many stores overseas. For New Zealand Fashion Week, Marfiya brought in one of the newest designs targeted for international high-end customers. The responses from are overwhelming and way beyond Marfiya's expectations. “People truly love the style and marvellous design.” As her first time showing at New Zealand Fashion Week, Marfiya is looking forward to testing the water and feeling the atmosphere. “We want to make sure that it matches our design and our product theme.”