The brand-new label Olli was born at the beginning of 2018, and designer Holly Norman explained that this first year of her business will be dedicated to the development of the brand. Norman started with a strong passion for photography and began creating dramatic garments solely for photographing striking images to observe with no intention to parade around in. Only after the artwork she had created received attention from people asking to purchase the garments did she realise that she has quite an eye for wearable fashion design.

The inspiration for the name Olli is short and sweet – an adaptation of her name, Holly.

Norman describes her label as a one-woman show but is hopeful that she will be able to expand and acquire a small team to work alongside her.

Norman describes her debut New Zealand Fashion collection as a representation of the quirks within her personality. The collection showcases her graceful nature and ability to be bold and delicate. Norman explored the elegance of pastel colours and believes that more is in fact more.

Using only second-hand materials, Norman admits that it does make the designing process more complex however that it does not deter her, instead it entices her. She believes that the source of the fabric does not compromise the final product.

Norman is excited to be sharing her interpretation of art to the world and would love to see more people wearing or simply owning her garments. Her hope is to capture attention from a wide audience locally and internationally believes NZFW is a good place to start.

Instagram is a hugely helpful tool for Norman, as she mainly uses it as a platform to sell her garments. Olli does have a website that currently stocks their basics range and is a work in progress to expand for her entire collection to be available for purchase online. For more information, visit