In 1999, fashion director of Vogue Paris, Marcus van Ackermann noted the remarkable difference between New Zealand and Australian fashion at Australian Fashion Week. “New Zealanders have a darker outlook, less show-offy, more intellectual,” Van Ackermann explained.  The Intellectual Fashion Show 2016 exhibition is a collaborative project between Blikfang Gallery and the New Zealand Fashion Museum. The curators had anticipated a modest response of 20-25 interpretations of some of the costumes and instead have been overwhelmed by the tremendous response from the industry. Popular Auckland photographer, Fraser Chatham shot the catalogue for the exhibition. To see more of his work, click here.

The exhibition is based on an exhibition from 1959 by June Black at the Architectural Centre Gallery in Wellington. It was titled the Intellectual Fashion Show and showcased a number of paintings, ceramic wall sculptures and a provocative commentary that presented the concept of an ‘intellectual fashion house’. Framing fashion as a powerful tool of self-expression. The Intellectual Fashion Show 2016 revisits the Black’s concept and the importance of bringing your intellect to your wardrobe. The new exhibition offers the contributors and the audience a platform to experiment with the expressive potential of what one wears physically and mentally.

Fifty years later, Black’s stand-out garments are still fresh, current and relevant today. These garments by Black and over sixty others creations by contributors will be on display.

“The central idea of this exhibition is that what we wear matters and that fashion can both dress the body and address the intellect. This holds true even today when the world is flooded with disposable fast fashion,” said Doris de Pont, co-curator of this exhibition and director of the New Zealand Fashion Museum.

The Intellectual Fashion Show 2016 can be found at the Gus Fisher Gallery from 8th October to the 5th of November. The publication will be launched with a special event at the exhibition on Saturday 22 October.


  • Alien Hansen
  • Amy Jansen-Leen
  • Andrew McLeod
  • Barbara Darragh
  • Beatrice Carlson
  • Bruno Harding
  • Carolyn Enting
  • Chuck Joseph,
  • Clare Bowden [Mandatory]
  • Dawei Zhang
  • Diane Scott
  • Evan Woodruffe
  • Eve de Castro Robinson
  • Feeonaa Wall
  • Finn McCahon Jones
  • Fiona Ralph
  • Fran Allison
  • Fraser Crowe
  • Glenys Brookbank
  • Gregory O'Brien
  • Helen Schamroth
  • Horst Kiechle
  • James Dobson [Jimmy D]
  • Jenny Bornholdt
  • John Radford
  • Judy Darragh
  • June Black
  • Karen Inderbitzen-Waller
  • Lela Jacobs
  • Linda Holloway
  • Lisa McEwan
  • Liz Findlay [Zambesi]
  • Louise Rive
  • Madeleine Brighouse
  • Margi Robertson [Nom*d]
  • Margo Barton
  • Mary Curtis
  • Nicole Wesseling
  • Nikki Hastings McFall
  • Nina van Lier
  • Paris Kirby
  • Penny Raine
  • Peter Madden
  • Peter Wells
  • Phillipa Blair
  • Raewyn Alexander
  • Richard Maloy
  • Rose Jackson
  • Sarah Keber
  • Sharon Fitness
  • Shelley Norton,
  • Sheridan Keith
  • Shona Tawhiao
  • Steven Park
  • Teresa Lane
  • Toby Raine
  • Wendy Bornholdt
  • World