Established in 2003 by Cathy and her two sisters, Jacata quickly gained a reputation for friendly, accurate and highly skilled services. Many of their original clients are still with them today. The company rapidly outgrew its original premises in Hillsborough, then Western Springs and is now based in Auckland’s Eden Terrace. Equipped with years of experience in the fashion industry, Jacata even launched its own men’s shirt label Strongfit in 2015. The team enjoys the challenges of the business and meeting their client’s various needs.

Year on year, designers are seeing the benefits of using computer grading and marker making and with their patterns in Jacata’s computerised system means no more searching through masses of card sets, or needing to store many seasons worth of work. The company can send through or print out card copy or paper marker of past styles to clients should they need to run another. The team are also able to convert patterns so they can be read by other CAD systems both in New Zealand and offshore.

By offering this service it allows clients to produce their ranges offshore, yet still remain in complete control of the fit for each size produced. And by having the ability to review your specs before you send them you are making sure each season is being produced in the most cost effective way possible. The team at Jacata understand how crucially important it is to perfect size ranges and fits to meet the evolving needs of the retail customer, both from a design and business perspective. For more information contact, Jacata on 09 356 7037 or visit