THERE have been a number of recent high profile examples where lack of adequate pre-employment investigation during recruitment has led to brand damage and costly legal processes.
“The apparel industry is particularly reliant on brand image supported by staff integrity and excellent customer service,” said Richard Miller of Intracheck Employment Screening Solutions.
He said pre-employment screening meaning due diligence was often overlooked in the recruitment process but many large businesses now rely on it to protect their image.
“There are a wide range of checks available including credit, criminal history, immigration, references and qualifications and this is now recommended for all cash handling roles where financial stability is critical.
“Of course not everybody with a bad credit rating or a criminal record is going to be a risk but it is often asked whether businesses should be exposed,” he said.
Certainly the appropriate checks will save time and resources during recruitment and improve the chances of employing the right candidate. For about $100, employers can now gain valuable insight into an employee’s background and minimise risk.

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