Emma Plom and Olivia Balle were captivated by screen printing when they met at university. Both with art backgrounds, and now in their third year at textile design, plom&balle use hand drawn imagery to create a sense of individuality in their designs.

Focusing on the printed long sleeve trend, the friends screen printed a unique alien design for their own wear but the design soon took off.

“We were over the moon and shocked with the positive response which has now expanded to us forming the brand plom&balle,” said the co-founders.

The edgy street wear brand appeals to confident and quirky individuals with graphics combining spaceships, regal aliens and more.  Social media is plom&balle’s main point of contact with consumers and positive responses from consumers and friends drive the brand forward.

In the near future plom&balle will have a collective stance. As Emma and Olivia enter their final honors collection, more textile design processes will be incorporated in their designs. For more information, contact