Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Priscilla Listia has found national and international success after showing her ready to wear and custom collections at Vancouver Fashion Week. Listia did not follow the typical fashion path and came to the industry only after studying civil engineering and working as a logistics and lifestyle merchandiser for several multinational enterprises. It was her deep love of fashion and the prompting of friends who constantly asked Listia for style advice that encouraged her to pursue her passion for design. “Fashion is something more than just wearable cloth, it is a blend of creativity, expression, and behaviour,” explained Listia. She subsequently went back to college, this time for fashion and learned the skills of design, draping and sewing.

Listia now has two brands and a team of five employees. Her first brand, MIA AMICA, is a casual, ready-to-wear brand which uses local and traditional fabrics, such as hand-stamped batiks. Her other brand, PRISZL, has an eveningwear focus and offers custom pieces alongside ready-to-wear collections. Both brands are stocked in several stores in Jakarta, as well as being sold through their own e-commerce platforms. “It would be lovely to have my own store displaying my own garments along with other designers’ clothes.”

Her first trip to Vancouver Fashion Week was with her brand MIA AMICA in October 2015, which gave Listia a boost both overseas and in Indonesia. Listia returned in 2017 to show her Spring/Summer 2018 collection for PRISZL ‘Sang Dewi’ which juxtaposes modern fabrics with ethnic Batik fabrics. To create the collection, Listia used traditional techniques, such as colouring the cloth with natural dyes taken from the stem of the soga tree. Her inspiration for the collection came from a reflection on the features of woman’s life, including love, compassion, courage, wisdom, wealth and prosperity.