PROFILE // Bees Brilliance

For over 100 years Matthew Cropp’s family have looked after bees. It began with his great, great grandmother who has a fascination with bees and used them to pollinate her orchard.

“Today the Cropp family have over 5000 bee hives located at the top of the South Island, located in some of New Zealand’s most remote and untouched natural environments in the world,” said Matthew Cropp, founder and managing director, Cropps NZ Limited.

Matthew turned his family legacy into a new and blooming business focussed on manufacturing honey based skincare products and launched the brand Bees Brilliance.

“In 2015, I saw an opportunity to develop a new brand that focuses on taking the raw materials from the family beehives and make them into new modern natural products that people love, with no harm whatsoever to our precious bees.”

As a fourth generation beekeeper, Matthew is the company’s biggest advocate, explaining how the products are crafted from New Zealand’s best bee ingredients and work better than others on the market loaded with synthetic ingredients.

“If it weren't for back injuries you’d find me in a beehive in the paddock today,” said Matthew.

The business, located on a 600 square metre manufacturing facility in Brightwater, includes an in-house microbiological testing laboratory to ensure the products’ shelf-life is protected.

“We pride ourselves on the consistent quality of our production and test all bulk and finished products to stringent quality standards.”

Within the Bees Brilliance range is a Bee Venom Skin Brightening Collection which features Manuka honey, bee venom, peony root extract, New Zealand healing botanicals and a unique blend of proven brightening actives including liquorice root extract, Sakura extract and glycolic acid. The range is available in a cream, mask, serum, spot essence and eye treatment, each of which is designed to help with uneven skin tone, minimising face lines and reducing dark spots.

The company also produces four handcrafted Manuka honey soaps made the old fashioned cold process way, ensuring all the benefits of the raw materials are locked in to provide thorough skin moisturisation. In the range is an energising soap, moisturising soap, pamper soap and exfoliating soap, all of which incorporate various natural ingredients for whatever the customers’ needs are.

“Just as bees live in a manner that contributes positively to the world around them, we can take their example of living in harmony with nature and with each other and apply it in our lives.”