Provenance is a new online-based textile company dedicated to providing a space for artisans around the world. Providing hand-crafted textiles by the metre that are primarily coloured using natural dyes and pigments, Provenance fabrics are mainly sourced in India. Mother-daughter founders, Yvonne and Amanda Stewart both share love textiles. “We have always been close, so going into business together wasn’t a hard decision,” said Amanda. “I was always surrounded by textiles and hand-crafts and Mum was always sewing something, so I guess it was in my blood to work within the textile industry”. Amanda’s vast experience in the textile industry has enabled her to see a gap in the Australasian market for ethical handcrafted textiles. The company applies Fair Trade principles to their business model to ensure a sustainable outlet for global artisans. A Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each purchase, detailing the origin and authenticity of the fabric. Provenance is fast becoming the go to brand for artisans from all over the globe seeking traditional, authentic and ethically sourced fabrics. For further enquiries please contact Amanda on