PUMA’s Most Iconic Shoe is Made For All Time

PUMA is reissuing its most iconic shoe: the Suede. After making its debut in 1968, the Suede has been changing the footwear game ever since.

This sleek sneaker has been a style staple for over 50 years, an icon of the past that continues to remain a classic of today and tomorrow.

The Suede has a deep-rooted impact on society and culture. From Tommie Smith's protest on the victory stand during the 1968 Olympic games to Walt "Clyde" Frazier on the basketball courts in the 70s, to b-boy crews in New York City adopting the shoe a decade later. It has been worn by icons of every generation, and it's staying classic through it all.

PUMA is adding yet another iconic name to the Suede story with reigning UFC Middleweight Champion and PUMA Oceania ambassador, Israel Adesanya.

"The Suede is such an iconic show and has been a style staple for over 50 years. Worn by the icons of every generation, I'm honoured to be part of its story. It's deep-rooted in culture and society and above all has stayed classic - the Suede is for all time," said Adesanya.