Ready Player One

This long-awaited adaptation from the best-selling novel Ready Player One was directed by Steven Spielberg and is an impressive mash-up of hundreds of pop-culture items.

The movie takes place in the future U.S. of 2045, where the only way for people to escape is through the VR system called the OASIS, inspired mainly by the 1980’s pop-culture.

The virtual platform enables the players to look and dress the way they desire, which results in a mix of 1980’s icons’ inspired outfits and the feature of actual Pop-culture characters such as Pac Man, King Kong, the Iron Giant and Harley Quinn just to cite a few. The main character’s costumes feature inspirations from Mikael Jackson’s Thriller music video, Walt Disney character Jessica Rabbit and other movie inspired outfits. All these allusions immerse the viewers in the video game and Pop culture world and provoke a feeling of nostalgia as it draws from references from our past.