Robyn Mathieson has just announced the opening of their new store at Christchurch shopping destination, The Tannery on Saturday 2nd August 2014.

The Tannery is a heritage development in Woolston that houses a range of boutique stores, restaurants and bars. Robyn Mathieson's store will be Unit 11.

Robyn is originally from the South Island and there is a strong following in her brand here. With increasing demand for the brand, Robyn Mathieson has shifted from wholesaling to focusing on opening more stores and expanding her online offering. This is will in fact be her first store in the South Island since she began 28 years ago.

Since leaving Design School in 1986 Robyn Mathieson Design has grown from sharing a small retail space in Wellington's Cuba Quarter to having two boutiques. Her stores are located in Ponsonby, and in her home city of Wellington.

Robyn brings to her designs a clever, colourful simplicity. She has a strong eye for creative and innovative fabrics which form the basis of her signature style.

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