Dutch footwear label United Nude has now partnered with Japanese fashion label Issey Miyake to create two new designs, a wrapped leather shoe (called ‘Wrap’) and a fragmented platform sandal wooden sole (‘Rock’), which debuted at the fashion brand’s spring/summer 2017 collection show in Paris.

The Rock shoe is inspired by the traditional Japanese platform sandals, with feet being secured into the curved wooden sole using adjustable leather straps. The shape of the sole suggests that the shoe has been cut from a piece of rock, hence the name. The design comes in six colours; white, black, pink, beige, yellow and green.

As for the Wrap shoe, it features an upper made from a single piece of silver, white or black leather. It will be available either as a flat shoe or with a small heel, either covered in leather or a mirrored finish.

Launched 13 years ago with the radical Mobius shoe and known as one of the first brands to sell 3D-printed footwear, United Nude has previously worked with leading architects including Zaha Hadid and Ben van Berkel.