Shenzhen’s B2B Fashion Week Searches For Niche

The biannual Shenzhen Fashion Week had over 300 labels and over 100 runways in various districts around the city. Compared to its April edition, this B2B fashion week showed a promising increase of 30 percent. Part of its offline expansion, it introduced a new hub for global talent called Revelation. In this, was a curation of brands looking to tap into China's booming billion-dollar luxury market. It was also highlighted that a lot of brands had moved away from seasons becoming entirely seasonless.

Shenzhen's GDP exceeded $429 billion in 2020 which placed the city in the top five cities in Asia. It is nicknamed the 'youngest city' with its population of over 60-year-olds just 5.36 percent. Resulting in the city booming with Gen Z and millennials.

While New Zealand is figuring out its alert levels and traffic lights, it's business as usual in China and is showing no signs of slowing down. Shenzhen Fashion Week also introduced a 360-degree immersive dome-screen technology, and announced the ambition to create a green and sustainable low-carbon fashion at the opening ceremony. Attendees said that its B2B focus was appreciated and the entire event has serious attention from media and buyers. Organisers said they wanted to get names and products on the industry's radar.

If you are thinking about exporting to China, this event certainly presents a more forgiving opportunity to test their retail landscape.