Internationally renowned pattern maker, designer and educator Shingo Sato has held a one-day workshop with students and educators at UCOL’s School of Fashion in Whanganui as well as attending the Shapeshifting conference in Auckland. Sato’s sculptural approach combines the complexity of origami, couture draping and flat pattern design to achieve unexpected effects.
UCOL Fashion Lecturer and Sato enthusiast, Junette Ward has been influenced by Sato’s methods since discovering his work three years ago. Ward has attended two of Sato’s workshops in Melbourne and, along with fellow UCOL fashion lecturer Stephanie West, incorporates his methods in their teaching.
“I am fascinated with his tactile drape process, and how he conveys this to students,” said Ward.
Residing in Milan, where he co-ordinates his TR Cutting School, both in studio workshops and online formats, Sato is an engaging character and very generously shares his skills and techniques at fashion schools around the world. After an hour-long public presentation to an enthralled audience, Sato relocated to the Fashion School’s design and construction studios to conduct a workshop with 16 eager Bachelor of Fashion students. Urging students to experiment with their creations, Sato believes that students mustn’t be “Intimidated by the act of your experiments, there’s nothing scary about putting pen or scissors to your inspirations”.

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