“Shoppercracy” – Fátima Merlin

Fátima Merlin has her master’s degree in Business Marketing. She is an economist, entrepreneur, partner and founder of Connect Shopper (which specialises in consumer behaviour and category management), and she has over 25 years of work experience in relevant industries. In her new book, “Shoppercracy,” Merlin offers retailers and professionals ways in which they can reflect on whether they are offering what their customers are seeking, and if there is indeed consistency between what they promise, and what customers do. Merlin suggests that “Today, more than ever, power is at the hands of the customers—understanding them is vital.”

Merlin shares the actions one can take related to Category Management; from planning to execution, showing that it not only works but that it can positively influence business management and customer relationships.

The book is aimed at retailers, marketers, and industry professionals, or anyone who may be interested in the subject. It sheds light on the evolving nature of supply and demand and incorporates ideas of how one can be prepared for the future of retail. Merlin suggests that online and physical stores must progress hand in hand if they are to keep up with modern shoppers. This is a must-read for anyone in the retail industry.