Rosemarie Macklin humbly looks forward to meeting buyers and having the opportunity to be another step closer to her goals at Vancouver Fashion Week. “I appreciate the ability to have an international audience introduced to SI_MEE_COLLECTIONS,” she added. Her new design that pairs leather and delicate fabric together which Macklin said is not typical. The 51-year-old grew up in London, Leicestershire, and Nottingham. Educated at Arnold and Carlton College of Business, her hobbies include antiquing and market rummaging for forgotten things.

Macklin’s grew up surrounded by a generation of family fashion icons, and fashion has always been a part of her world. Her grandmother was a seamstress who taught her mother and her mother’s twin sister how to sew. This was passed onto Macklin. The first proper garment she made was a silk wrap skirt which at the time was simple and timeless. “My training is raw natural talent, and I have an eye for all things unique and appealing.” Macklin works with a few manufacturers but prefers to hand sewing from a dressmaker with a passion for what they do. Sustainability is essential to Macklin when designing. She aspires to one day have SI_MEE_COLLECTIONS make women feel unique, sexy and classy long after she is no longer here. As the sole designer alongside her core team of four, Macklin leaves her door open for collaborations.

Her bricks and mortar structure is one year old but was three years in the making. “It all started with my husband saying ‘now that you have reached mid-life, it’s time for you to live your dream and show the world your true passion’. As a gift, he gave me the keys to my boutique,” she told Apparel Magazine. Macklin wants to grow SI_MEE_COLLECTIONS’ boutiques into major cities and join high-end retailers that hold labels such as Gucci, Fendi, Prada, and so on. She welcomes the opportunity to be stocked with new retailers globally.

Social media has been a great tunnel to find her audience and Macklin respects the roles of influencers. Macklin wants her clients to always feel confident and beautiful in her designs. “SI_MEE came from my own philosophy that not all bodies are created equal.”

Macklin’s biggest influence is all of the women in her life. “Those here and others who have passed. I live with the memories of their contribution to my lessons in fashion and their love of designers like Ossie Clarke and Anne Lowe.”