Simonne Denham, Whitecliffe

Simonne Denham is a Whitecliffe Fashion Tech 2019 graduate. She has always had an interest in fashion and loved dressing up in her mother’s clothes. After leaving school, Denham worked under a personal stylist in Auckland for two years, in the hopes to kick off her career in the fashion industry. However, due to the pressures of needing a ‘qualification’ or a ‘real job’, she enrolled at university to study Health Science.

With only a few weeks in her Health Science course she quickly realised it was not where she was meant to be. 

“I didn’t want to devote my time and money into something I wouldn’t love, so I decided to take a risk, pulled out and applied to study at Whitecliffe Fashion Tech,” explained Denham. 

She started her course at Whitecliffe with no sewing experience and felt very behind in her first year. However, in her second year, her confidence grew immensely, and she was ready to dive into the world of patternmaking. 

“I’ve learnt so much on my journey to get here, but one of the biggest lesson’s is; don’t be afraid to take risks, always push yourself and work hard.” 

Denham believes that everything you do in life has the potential to become an opportunity. You never know who you are going to meet and what impression you are going to make. That’s why Denham always gives her best with a smile on her face, no matter how big or small a project may be, and no matter who it may be for. 

Denham further advises others to always have the willingness to learn, and to do so with humility and kindness. 

“For me, it’s about so much more than money; it’s about gaining the experience and knowledge that will take you a long way, you just have to have a willing attitude.” 

This year, Denham has had the opportunity to work with a couple of local designers who have shared a wealth of experience with her and have inspired her with her own journey. 

Denham is currently in the process of launching her own namesake label, which will be a continuation of the elegant and simple designs seen in her end of year collection, MINUTIAE. 

Photography by big mark & co.