Small Medium Large originally started as a blog on tumblr, a place where founder Cameron Price would post and reblog visuals he personally liked. With an architecture background, the blog has a lot of mixed imagery for inspiration. Price desired to start a small apparel brand and when his partner had a felt and leather wallet made for his 21st birthday, Price was motivated to start brainstorming and developed some of Small Medium Large’s first products. The brand name comes from a teaching technique Price picked up during architecture school. Lecturer Daniel K. Brown taught Price throughout the design process to always incorporate minor, intermediate and major elements into his designs. The process helps to achieve balanced, cohesive and fully explored designs.

Small Medium Large is simple and cleanly styled as a result. Often the look of each item is driven by the fabric or materials which have been sourced rather than an initial design. Price continually hunts through fabric stores for materials, even if he does not need fabric at the time, and leather is sourced from New Zealand suppliers. The label is in its small phase, trying to build an audience. “The internet is a gem for young brands, everyone is online these days so almost all our customer interactions are done online,” said Price. In the future the brand will continue to grow with the aim of being stocked in stores throughout New Zealand. For more information, email