Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Directors Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman and Robert Persichetti Jr brought audiences a unique animated reimagining of the Spider-Man chronicles to the screen. Viewers are shown a collection of Spider-Mans that are variations of the hero. Each suit, and Spider-Man, played homage to a different comic book arc in Marvell’s extensive collection. Among the most memorable were the classic costume, the Big-Time stealth suit and the spider-armour suits mark’s I and II.

Spider-Man’s most iconic costume was instantly recognizable, featuring the red and blue webbed designs we all know and love. Other variations of spidey’s costume greatly altered both the textures and colours of the suit but utilised the same shape and mask to tie them into the original design.

The Big-Time stealth suit first appeared at the start of the Big-Time comic arc in 2010 and was one of the most recent costumes to feature in the film. The suit was black with ominous green glowing eyes and spider emblem on the chest, which gave it a more sinister appearance.

The Spider-Armor suit mark I presented a highly textured and combat ready suit. The outfit was entirely black with shiny armour strategically scattered across the hero’s face, chest, shoulders and legs. The costume had become a popular alternative for the superhero, featuring heavily in Spider-Man: The Animated series and the Spider-Man video game that was released in 2000.

The mark II spider-armour suit was a much sleeker design, bearing a strong latex resemblance. The suit was black with yellow trimmings across the uniform and a yellow spider emblem on the chest, similar to the design of the stealth suit. This costume was the smoothest design, and despite only appearing in six comic book issues, it’s unique and stylish appearance made memorable enough to warrant a feature in the Spider-Verse film.

The film ends with a wonderful homage to the original costume, Miles Morales feels unworthy of any of the existing spidey-costumes so creates one of his own. The rebellious street artist spray paints over a super-suit revealing a black costume with a messily drawn spider emblem. The artistic moment created a full circle experience for audiences, who were able to appreciate the unique street-wear inspired costume for its sweet origin as well as its design.