A contingent of Wintec fashion design students have returned from a tour of Bangkok in Thailand where they got up close and personal with the country’s bustling fashion industry. Nine students and two Wintec tutors spend ten days learning about the traditional design and manufacturing techniques used in Bangkok. Hosted by Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep, the students witnessed silk weaving, dyeing processes, visited large-scale factories, and a went to a fashion technology expo.

“Seeing textile manufacturing first hand was a real highlight. From raw cotton, through to weaving and knitting of the final textile and then on to the manufacturing process – we just don’t get to see that in New Zealand. It was a wonderful opportunity for both the staff and students,” said Wintec tutor Sally Fitzpatrick.

One of the students, Brydie Senior, added that they enjoyed learning more about Thai culture and seeing the traditional Thai methods of design. “In New Zealand everything is on a smaller scale,” said Senior. “The factories over there were gigantic and seeing these really made me appreciate how much people power goes into everything.”