Sustainable Salons and Dresden Vision: Sunglasses Crafted from Shampoo Bottles

Sustainable Salon has been able to keep 89,900kg of plastic salon waste out of landfill since its inception. Now, they're collaborating with eyewear giant Dresden Vision to create sunglasses, prescription sunglasses and prescription glasses frames completely out of recycled shampoo bottles.

The Shampoo Collection will be launching online and in Dresden stores across the country as of October 1st. This collection will be one of the first truly sustainable and closed-loop solution to salon waste across Australia and New Zealand.

Sustainable Salons has been continuously working with beauty, hair and even pet-grooming salons to rescue salon waste from landfill since 2015. Sustainable Salons pride themselves with meaningful collaborations, thus, we see the birth of this collab with Dresden Vision, a brand that is socially and environmentally sustainable and ethical. With shared sustainable values, this collaboration is one that will change the game for the consumer market.

Sustainable Salons give consumers the chance to change their consumption behaviour. If you visit a salon it is unlikely you know much about their waste disposal or recycling policies. However, when you visit a salon that uses Sustainable Salons, you can be sure their waste will not be contributing to landfill. This is the main goal for Sustainable Salons and we think it's incredible.

"We hope [this collaboration] acts as a catalyst to encourage innovative thinking for future uses of waste plastics" says founder of Dresden Vision, Bruce Jeffrey.

Shop the collection here.