Talk Clean to Me

When it comes to perfecting your skincare routine, cleansing is an essential step towards healthier-looking skin. The dirty truth is that most cleansers on the market contain synthetic ingredients and harsh irritants derived from petrochemicals and have non-sustainable packaging. They’re bad for the skin and bad for the environment… but what if we told you that you could have great skin and look after the planet too?

Introducing Caudalie’s new Vinoclean range. Five gentle cleansers that have absolutely nothing to hide.

Packaged in bottles made from 100 percent recycled plastic with zero waste, these cleansers are as 100 percent clean on the outside as they are on the inside. Each cleanser is formulated with 97 – 100 percent of natural-origin ingredients, leaving you with clearer skin and a greener planet.

So, perhaps it’s time you cleaned up your act? Say no to silicones and harsh sulphates and yes to glowing, healthy skin. It really is that simple.