Tasmyn Roach

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Tasmyn Roach is a 20 year old fashion student from Otorohanga ready to take on the fashion world. So far her career highlight is being given the opportunity to be a part of Miromoda. Taking an Otago University Fashion Degree at the Bay of Plenty Polytech, Tasmyn is still exploring her style. Her streetwear collection that will show at NZ Fashion Week, Whakaumu, is a meaningful collection for Tasmyn. Whakaumu means to alter or to change in Maori and Tasmyn uses effects such as large arm knits to evolve her idea. These large arm knits are versatile enough to be a cape, headpiece, cardigan and more and explore the transformational nature of fashion. Tasmyn is in a transformational period of her design herself as her next collection is experimenting with the sportswear trend to see if it is a wide enough genre to develop a brand within. What Tasmyn likes most about fashion is the way it can inspire a healthy lifestyle through trends such as the sportswear trend. There is no trend Tasmyn admits to not liking in fashion as she loves that fashion allows everyone to be individuals no matter what they wear. Tasmyn is inspired by her Nana and her love of handcraft has come from her Nana’s own knitting. Showing for the first time at NZ Fashion Week, Tasmyn Roach is excited by the opportunity she has been given yet she is still looking for more experience in the fashion industry.

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