The Brightest Week of The Year

With a variety of flowers coming into bloom, this New Zealand summer will be fragrant and whimsical. This week there will be a  celebration that showcases the importance of buying from local florists and growers.

In Auckland, there will be a range of installments from urban flowers decorating the ceiling of the Kingsland train station platform. The Mt Eden fish shop will turn into a growing garden, with the storefront laid in foliage. Kevin’s Arcade on K Road will have hanging floral garlands throughout the stairwell and ceiling, a combination of fresh and dried up flowers, foliage and feathers will be displayed. There will be people giving out free stems of flowers to pedestrians all week as part of the celebration.

Wellington’s Roxy Cinema has given Gandalf a makeover with a floral crown, floral seating and additional blooms to the garden. The Queensgate Mall has installed a foliage floral backdrop which shoppers are encouraged to see, touch and take photos with.

Christchurch also got involved with the flower festivities. The new Riverside Market will be home to a bright and exciting floral installation.

From November the 11th to the 17th there will be flower-filled sights throughout the country that can’t be missed.