The Girl in the Spiders Web

In this female-led thriller, we see hacker Lisbeth Salander recruited to access nuclear codes after being fired from the National Security Agency. Lisbeth Salander’s computer, with the nuclear codes, is stolen by Russian thugs, and she is forced into chaotic and gruesome confrontations in order to avert disaster.

Costume designer Carlos Rosario and hair and makeup artist Heike Merker combined forces to create a uniquely rebellious depiction of a female anti-hero. Lead actress Claire Foy was entirely transformed with a shaved head, piercings and dark leather costuming, making the character appears weathered but utterly brutal. Lisbeth Salander’s costume reflects her inner turmoil and helps to present her as a rounded and complex character; her morals stand with modern society, even if her methods are questionable. This vicious and almost androgynous depiction of Lisbeth Salander is in keeping with the mercilessly callous presentations in the franchises previous films, the series continuing to reinvent the image of a female hero.