Beachy, retro vibes are heating up for the summer - one of the most popular microtrends is going to be straw bags.  Of course, oversized woven beach bags aren’t going out of style anytime soon, but their smaller, kitschier cousins are a micro-trend set to gain major style points with consumers in the coming season.  The look is vintage inspired (Etsy sells these babies by the truckload) and adorable.  The bags are woven raffia or jute, smallish, and often in an unusual or distinctive shape.  Bright embellishments are essential, in the form of pom-poms, floral decorations, shells or coloured raffia woven into the designs.  Short plastic or wooden handles are popular for a vintage handbag shape, or a slim woven raffia or leather strap is favoured for cross-body styles.

The style is unashamedly seasonal, and adds a quirky, beachy touch to summer outfits.  Straw bags appeal to the fashion forward consumer, who appreciates the vintage look, without the hassle of trawling through vintage stores.  The trend is a one-season fling, so price points are best kept mid-range, although higher quality or handwoven designs can command a higher price point in the right store.  Integrate straw handbags into your store in beachy edits, combined with bright, round-rimmed sunglasses, beachy slides, and retro-inspired swimwear.