Friends Chloe and Alex may have once joked about starting a clothing label after not being able to find clothes on a shopping trip, but now the design duo are the brains behind fashion label The Lucid Collective. Self proclaimed perfectionists; Chloe and Alex went with the name The Lucid Collective because of its perfect symmetry between the three words and the three lines of their tri-bar logo. “‘The’ is a word that is often overlooked but it refers to something assumed to be common knowledge – we were playing with the idea of faking it ‘til you make it there. ‘Lucid’ has a double meaning of either being easily understood, or a period of clarity during insanity; both of these fit with the idea of making clean, durable clothing. ‘Collective’ obviously refers to a group. At the start, it was just Alex and I, but Lucid has since transformed into a really interesting vehicle for a bunch of creative friends to just do really rad things,” said Chloe. Not having experience or qualifications in fashion design has not stopped this pair from success. The latest collection ‘Cold Wash’ is a result of Chloe and Alex getting back to basics and being new to the fashion game, they wanted to strip back to a neutral colour palette of white, black and grey all cut from butter soft cottons. “The name of the collection alludes to the cycle we engage in daily with our clothes, and attempts to play with the idea of longevity or endurance and quality,” continued Chloe.
“We attempted to make clothes men would care about so much that they’d follow the care label instructions,” added Alex. The brand is currently stocked in Mercer, Wellington, and Wanderer in Christchruch. Manufacturing and predominately sourced in New Zealand the label hopes to gain more stockists here and offshore. For wholesale enquiries contact Chloe at