Three of Something

Three of Something is a prominent up and coming Sydney based fashion label, founded by Rebecca Carmody, Jane Kidston and Bree Hay-Hendry. “From an early age we were all obsessed with fashion, so there was no question that we wouldn’t end up in the industry,” Jane says. The three fashion forces had all worked together on different fashion projects and decided to use their vast experience and knowledge of the industry to develop a vibrant young clothing line. “The underlying ideology of Three of Something is to create clean and effortlessly versatile pieces. The brand features unique, exclusive prints, graphics and distinct garments, which all form part of its feminine but edgy aesthetic”. The label produces a new collection every month, ensuring their customer’s always have a bold new look. The Three of Something girl is quirky, passionate about life and not afraid to make a statement. Three of Something is currently stocked in over 80 stores throughout Australia, and the US and are soon expanding to Canada. The brand’s online store has a loyal customer base, however, the girls hope to open their own store one day to offer their customer’s the unique Three of Something experience. For product enquires please contact Jane or phone +64 0409 896 950.