Deadly Ponies has collaborated with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation to bring to you the Deadly Ponies x Anni Albers collection. This is a collection that celebrates innovation and art.

Anni Albers brought wonder to weaving, she applied modernist ideas to the ancient craft of the loom. Thus, crowning her the most influential textile artist of the 20th century.

The collaboration celebrates Albers who was often overshadowed by her husband who was also an artist himself. Albers' iconic grid-like wall hanging design is what Deadly Ponies' design, Liam Bowden, took inspiration from when creating this collection.

The worlds of fashion and art merge within this collection. The Deadly Ponies x Anni Albers collection features a design that Albers had invented years before in linen and cotton. Albers had experimented with metallic thread and horsehair as well as tradition yarns. She utilised the raw materials as the focal point of her designs.

The collection features designs inspired by the "Red Meander" (1969). On a field of orange, a bold red rectilinear pattern wanders across the picture plane at a carefully measured pace. Deadly Ponies has replicated this work using the technique of screen printing onto American small-grain calf. Each colour on the print is individually lined up and silk-screened to create the pattern.

This collection launches this week as part of the Together Today New Zealand-wide online Fashion event.