While it may seem fashion is for wearers who want to be seen, it is first and foremost a personal experience about how the clothes make you feel. With this in mind, it is appropriate that designers have taken influence by the clothing category that is arguably the most personal to a customer, lingerie.

Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Rochas all showcased their interpretations, and put on a display of lace and silk dressed up in a more every-day context sparking the trend in retail brands across the globe. From light chiffon dresses through to dark lace bodysuits, it is clear lingerie has transitioned from between the sheets to on the streets, all while remaining tasteful but seductive.

Elle Macpherson said “if you’re wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamourous, you’re halfway there to turning heads.”

The glamour of lingerie lends itself to the coveted glamour of the high-fashion industry, but also leaves behind the desirability for all markets, as every woman wants to feel beautiful. However, the trend is more than just wearing lingerie on the street. Designers have transformed the building blocks of the bedroom attire and transformed them into multi-faceted every day garments.

Alexander McQueen, along with John Galliano played with lace and its transparency, using the fabrics to form full outfits with a hint of the models undergarments.

Balenciaga took silk, and used it to create an effortless and supremely wearable pair of high waisted shorts.

Rocha departed from classic hourglass silhouette entirely and sent down the runway a floor length over-dress that mixed regal floral applique, lace and jewelry with an exposed bra and shorts to create a synergy between old and new.