Never one to follow the latest trends, Julianna McLean wanted to create her own unique style with textures and fabrics that inspired her so she started her own brand JuliannaNZ.

When it comes to designing, Julianna likes to be in the best creative environment and lights candles, puts on music and immerses herself in the beauty of vintage lace, silks of every hue, with pearls, quartz crystals and semi precious stones that are all waiting to be placed.

“I feel this beauty and express it through my creations and celebrate the pleasure of having fun with romance and joy, after-all, every day is an occasion for dressing well,” said Julianna.

“Every day I am so excited to create beautiful pieces, to finish off the finer detailing with the Swarovski crystals and pearls. Naturally all pieces are unique being hand-made and couture, however, bespoke pieces can be requested.”

It is the attention to detail that underlies the success of Julianna New Zealand, that and her own distinctive ability to impart joy in to her creations.

“No one is making vintage lace anymore so I feel a responsibility of making each JuliannaNZ creation an heirloom piece to ensure the longevity of that original lace. Over the years I have sourced my materials from Rome, Paris and London, and the pearls from renewable sources.”

For more information contact Julianna on 027 866 7007 or email info@julianna.co.nz.