Paulina Hernández launched her brand Kan last year, but the project was brewing for a while before that. Kan is a Mayan word meaning seed. “All of us are born just like a seed,” explained Hernández. “With time and experience, we start growing roots and flowers, and spreading out and creating new roots”. That’s Kan, it’s what Hernández hopes to reflect in her brand.

Already Kan has spread its roots out from Mexico and around the world. The team behind it is composed of many branches of Mexican culture: from the five-person manufacturing team through to the three communities of Wixáritari people – an indigenous Mexican population – that do the embroidery.

The collection looks as organic as its origin with the colours and prints coming to life to create magical pieces of Huichole-inspired and made clothing. Each garment is unique and imbued with the culture and history of the artist who made it. Hernández wants to incorporate the Wixáritari/Huichole culture, which is rich in colour and Temiqui, which means dream in Nahuatl. 

She does this to empower their tradition and their community, and to give them a voice in other parts of the world so that the beauty of indigenous Mexico can be known to others. 

This is Hernández’s first time showing at Vancouver Fashion Week – or, in fact, any fashion week. Hernández commented that the team is “excited, honoured, but most of all thankful to be here with such wonderful people”.

Showing at Vancouver Fashion Week is a huge opportunity for Mexican style to get international exposure. Kan has invited attendees to take part in the cosmo-vision of the unknown Mexico. Hernández hopes guests at the show will fall in love with the culture as much as she has.  In addition to this, Hernández hopes to learn from the best. “I would love the opportunity to meet new people and maybe put down roots in Vancouver,” stated Hernández.

Kan is currently available online, or in-store at their Merida and Guadalajara locations.