Launching the label straight off London Fashion Week’s runway in September, the eponymous label Pera May is the one to watch. Titled Collection One, it was inspired by society and consumerism, and how it can trap people into feeling as though they have to conform to social pressures and ideas of warped beauty.

“I think it relates back to the American Dream, the consumerism-era where they swept it under the mat,” explained May.

“This is where my ‘nothing to see here’ custom print comes from. The idea of sweep it under the mat, pretend it’s not happening, move along scenario.”

May explained that global warming was another example of this; if we can’t see it or choose not to see it, it’s not there.

“It’s not pressing enough for many people because of a range of reasons, but it's the ‘nothing to see here’ mentality that’s the issue.”

From tall poppy syndrome to Instagram removing likes, May said all of these negative impacts come back to what consumerism has done to our population.

“I think it’s important to remind people in their busy lives to slow down and think about how we interact with one another,” she said.

“To speak and be their truth. There’s (excuse my language) too much bullshit going on. We need to focus on obtainable truth not an unreachable perfection.”

The label’s first collection uses natural fibres, stunning silks and cottons with a little bit of byproduct leather. Moving forward, May plans to source the use of alternatives such as pineapple leather and further their work within a sustainable business.

“It is easy and it can be done.” Their custom prints are what stands her brand apart from the rest. Filled with personality, Pera May boasts its uniqueness. “It’s not perfect, it’s not all the same, it’s unique – like every human being is and should feel.”